The Way to the Manger –          

It took quite a bit of courage and effort on the part of a whole lot of people to actually get the infant Jesus born and into that manger.  His parents, his aunt and uncle, his community, his ancestors, shepherds, Wise Men, and even in his own twisted way, King Herod, took risks to step out of the ordinary.  These were people who dared to listen to God.  And they took action on what they heard God telling them.  These were people who had aspirations beyond the daily grind.  They were people who felt stirrings in their heart telling them there was a bigger picture–and even more amazingly that they were a part of it.  They believed there was a new way to live–a loving, non-violent way that says everybody matters.  They believed that God could provide for them despite the harsh conditions of their times.  They trusted that if they followed their inner light, something wonderful would happen. I’m not saying they were always happy about it, or that they weren’t afraid.  Most of the time they were scared to death.  But they kept listening, kept trusting, and kept putting one tentative foot in front of the other.  Because of all of that willingness Jesus got born.  He was the fruition of their aspirations and he did them proud.  Jesus showed all of us it is possible to live God’s way no matter what–that there is much, much more to each human being than meets the outer eye.  Jesus’ birth shows us how we too get born spiritually.  Our own precious souls are finding their way to the manger this Christmas. We have aspirations, courage, and willingness to hear and heed God.  We too have people around us who are “walking friends,” supporting us as we step out and take risks.  The greatest preparation for Christmas is taking time to tend to your life.  Look deep within and ask God to reveal to you your highest spiritual aspirations.  Call on God to open your inner spiritual resources that will guide you and nourish their fulfillment.  Ask God to bring your “walking friends” to you.  Everything that was available to create the birth of Jesus is available to you.  God is your Father-Mother who loves you dearly.  God provides for you lovingly and fully.  Your manger awaits you.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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