Are You Ready for Christmas? – – –

The best Christmas I ever had was when I decided not to “do Christmas” and went instead to visit friends in Colorado for a snow vacation.  Leaving behind the familiar holiday routines refreshed me and gave me a whole new perspective.  You see, before, I hadn’t known that the way I celebrate Christmas is a choice not an obligation.  Leaving behind the harness of “have to’s” opened up spiritual space in me.  The old tensions that used to haunt the holidays dissolved.  The sticky ties melted.  Since that time years ago I have continued to grow in my holiday readiness.  I have the freedom to be present to the season in ways that are peace-filled, deeply nourishing, and growth-full.  How about you–are you ready for Christmas?  Advent begins with Faith and Hope–the willingness to believe in and rely on the possibility and probability of good.  Faith and Hope propel us to step out into greater self-respect and greater love for all around us.  They are the beginning of the Christ’s birth in us.  Faith and Hope can become very real for you this Advent as you take action on behalf of your own spiritual growth.  Here’s a suggestion – inventory your readiness for a fulfilling Christmas.  Make a list of all your “holiday have-to’s.”  Take your list into prayer and ask our great and loving God to reveal to you if there is anything you are ready to release.  If so, gently cross it off!  With courage and humility ask God to remove it, not just from your list, but from you–and turn it over.  And be sure to ask God to fill that now cleared out space in you with what genuinely nourishes you and expands the aliveness of everyone around you.  You will be amazed at how lovingly God works.  You will be amazed at what happens to, in, and through you.  And you’ll be ready for Christmas!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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