Sweet Justice–It’s About Time! – – – – 

The world can seem out of balance.  We see a child hurt by a bully or a talented person lose their job.  We read about innocent people devastated by wars they didn’t start and don’t want.  We work conscientiously and have nothing to show for it.  Where’s justice?  Obviously not in the world of effects.  Justice lives in the spiritual realm as a completely dependable principle.  Justice means that we get what we deserve.  That’s a scary thought—unless we know who we are.  We really are expressions of God, full of goodness and blessing.  We deserve to express our talents and soul callings to the fullest.  We deserve to be of service and live with peace.  And we will settle for nothing less.  We call the law of justice into action by seeing our experiences of injustice as invitations from our soul to come up higher.  Sweet justice—it’s about time!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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