Heart of Healing

I open my heart to healing in this moment.

This week we have celebrated Unity’s 30th annual World Day of Prayer. Here at Unity Church Austin the Prayer Ministry held a candlelit Taize service to kick it off. The theme this year is healing.

What does healing look like to you? How have you experienced healing? I believe there are many different ways and different depths in which we experience healing. There is the physical of course, our bodies heal quickly from scratches and bruises and common illnesses. Perhaps there have been major illnesses we have experienced a healing with. We can experience emotional and psychological healings that can have profound effects on us. And then there is soul healing that can change the whole trajectory of our lives.

The truth is, we are already whole and complete as the divine image and likeness of God. Our very essence is Divine and we can access this divine part of us at any time and allow healing to flow in and through us. And we are also human, which means to me that the healing potential is always there and available (maybe not necessarily what I think of as a “cure” – though that is always possible). It is up to us to tap into it through our prayer and meditation practice and allowing God to be God in, though, and as us.

I invite you to use the World Day of Prayer reflection questions as prompts to contemplate and deepen your personal prayer practice for healing: https://www.unity.org/static/2023-world-day-prayer-reflection-questions.

Love, Light, & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol


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