Heart Notes with Pastor Leslie Woods

Happy Friday, everyone! We received some wonderful “Divine Downloads” from you on Sunday and I am certain more will continue to flood in as we are riding this wonderful ride called “The Flow”! I am capturing the Divine Downloads and will be implementing some things soon and other will fold into future plans. This is an exciting time for Unity Church of Austin!
One of our rose bushes on the side of the church was completely full of blooms giving us the sweet reminder that we are indeed in the flow of creative abundance. As we embark on this creative adventure, we will affirm all is unfolding in harmony to do what is our to do!
Pastor Micah LaGrave will deliver his last talk as intern for Unity of Austin and is providing wonderful inspiration for our creative process. We are continuing to look at the Creation Story and our focus is on Faith and affirming. I encourage you to attend in person or online and have something ready to jot down more Divine Downloads. Online community, please send your Divine Downloads to us! You may email them directly to me at: minister@unitychurchaustin.org.
In love and gratitude for each of you!
Pastor Leslie

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