Heart notes: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is when we celebrate our mother’s and in Unity, we celebrate the Divine Feminine in everyone. We do this because according to our 2nd Principle, we are created in the image of God which includes the masculine and the feminine aspects of God. Each human possesses both qualities, although it varies by our unique expression.

For some, Mother’s Day is not easy – our mother may have transitioned, we may have a hard relationship with our mother, we may be working through our own expression of motherhood or what is yearning to be expressed as such, or we may be a Dad who is parenting without his partner for the first time. For our dear ones who find this to be an extra tender day, know that we are holding you ever so gently, in love and light.

As tradition, in church this Sunday, everyone will receive a rose. For some, may it represent the joy of Mother’s Day and for some, may it be a nature expression of the love and light we are extending to you if this day is hard.

In Love and Service,

Pastor Leslie


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