God is Always on the Road Ahead

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“The road ahead may be veiled from sight—but you must teach yourself to regard the unknown as friendly.  Remember that God is always on the road ahead.”  Emmet Fox  

Advent is our initiation into the unknown.  The first spiritual power recognized in the Advent season is the power of Faith.  As Jesus taught, even a little faith in our capacity for constructive fruition overcomes our fears.  We become willing to step into a future that we cannot see.   Even if we cannot see good in the outer landscape, we feel it within our very own hearts, sense it in our body, perceive it within our soul, and experience it in fellowship with other people.  Faith is required if we are to go through with our spiritual pregnancy and birth.  We’ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable, to be awkward, and for our lives to be profoundly changed.  The ever fuller birth of the Christ in our consciousness brings the wonder of finding God in the very midst of our human lives.  And we well know that our lives can be messy.  Chaos doesn’t mean that God isn’t with us, it just means we are changing our understanding of life.  We are turning our awareness in a new direction—we are being led into a place within us that we didn’t know existed.  Within us lies the power of life, the power to love, the power to create good.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,
Rev.  Anna


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