God Bless the Ghosts and Goblins!

‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins. The charming little ones that demand candy are great fun. The formidable ones that rise up within our own mind to haunt us–not so much! So what do you do with an intimidating goblin? Stand up to it of course.

“If a negative condition harasses you, use a clear, strong, definite rebuke regarding its appearance of power. Don’t ignore it or push it into the background of your mind. Rather, face it squarely, bring it to light, and say calmly but determinedly: ‘Be cast out! You are a liar. You came forth from nothing, you are nothing. You have no power of your own, and I will not lend power to you. Get out and stay out.’”

Unity Minister Mary Kupferle in her classic, God Never Fails

That’s strong medicine! And it works. Jesus was very firm and definite in reprimanding the appearance of disorder. He rebuked the stormy wind and sea and there was peace. With an energetic forceful word he cast demons out of the countless people who came to him for healing and there was wholeness–lives transformed. We have the same power within us that Jesus does. In Unity we call that spiritual inner nature the Christ. We too can rebuke what creates fear and disorder in our lives. We too can stand up to it with the same assurance Jesus did. We do not have to cower. Our spiritual life is greater than any outer condition. We speak our word of dismissal with power and as the ghosts and goblins are dissolving, we bless them. We thank them for the wisdom we gained by living and wrestling with them awhile. We thank ourselves for the courage we expressed in facing our fears. We breathe a sigh of serenity as we bid them a big farewell. And in that now freed-up space we let God’s love fill us to the brim. Happy Halloween! Let your life be filled with abundant good – the joyful treats you so richly deserve!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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