Give ’em Heaven!

Just issue a general amnesty every morning. In the course of the day, when things come up that you dislike, say ‘That’s nothing,’ and let it go. Then at frequent intervals during the day, pause for a moment and send out a blanket thought of love to the whole world–just a feeling of love and goodwill. If you do this, you will find a very definite change in your feeling, and then a change in your direction.

Emmet Fox

When we’re feeling fearful it’s easy to want to fight fire with fire. But have you noticed that when we do that everybody gets burned? We don’t have to like it when people are asleep to the risks their actions pose to others. What we must do is to get out of their space—mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Oftentimes when we begin with action in our own mind and heart, the method of physically moving out of harm’s way easily reveals itself. The sure road out of unhealthy situations is to meet them with spiritual consciousness. Living water always quenches the fire.

Love teamed with wisdom is the most practical way through troubles. Our outer self longs to control circumstances, to force people into a different mode. Yet that never works. Things don’t change and we grow more discouraged. The only way out is through a transformation of our own consciousness. While it is OK to be angry, we must give up a fixation on revenge. We learn to give back better than what we got – wise love in return for the error of an unskilled person. We take every opportunity to bring a consciousness of graciousness and freedom. Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies. He knew what he was talking about. When we give ‘em heaven we all get to live in a friendlier world.

In the Love and Light of the Risen Christ,

Rev. Anna


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