Gentle Rains

There has been a soft gentle rain falling this morning. I sit on my covered deck watching as the birds sit on the stringed lights across the gardens allowing the rain to softly bathe them.  The gentleness of the rain is such that the droplets forming on the potted plants move so very slowly. As though time itself has slowed down.

It is a reminder to slow down and simply be. Just allow ourselves to take a moment and breathe in the gentleness of a moment. On our spiritual walk I think sometimes we expect, too often, to have these big revelations, that it is the “Aha” moments that make for transformation. My own experience is that it is those times of simply “being” that brings the realizations, those deep understandings of Truth. Perhaps it is because in that moment, in that sacred space I am open to the flow of the Divine.

Gentle rains provide deep nourishment to our earth, just as the gentle Presence of Spirit provides us with deep  nourishment for life. I invite you today to take a moment and simply be.

Love, Light & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol Moncada

Interim Minister


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