GEE, U. R. YOU! – Heartnotes


A couple went to hear a talk about Nepal. They saw a slide show that included numerous photos of the breathtaking Himalayan peaks. Eight of the ten highest mountains in the world lie within Nepal’s borders. Ninety of these magnificent peaks pierce the clouds at heights above 22,966 feet. And Mt. Everest, the tallest in the world at 29,029 feet, is there. They learned that Nepal is the birthplace of the Buddha and saw photos of the many beautiful shrines and holy places in the landscape. It was obvious that the Nepalese people have a strong sense of the mystical and connection to the divine. On the way home the husband voiced longingly, “If I could only go to Nepal and hike in those incredible places, and hopefully find a guru–a wise teacher to reveal to me the secrets of life, I would feel so close to God.”

Perhaps you’ve felt that way yourself–we probably all have. We think, “if only I could go to some mystical beautiful place, I too would find God. If only I could find the right spiritual teacher, their wisdom would uncover for me all I need to know to be happy.” Ask yourself, “Where would I have to go to be close to God?” Now take a moment and imagine what that place would be. See it in your mind’s eye. Bask in the feeling of closeness to God. Enjoy it and soak it in! When you feel filled with that closeness and completed with this experience take a breath and mentally step back. Realize what you have just done! You didn’t buy a plane ticket, you didn’t pack your suitcase, you didn’t go on a hike, you didn’t sit at the feet of an outer teacher. You DID find God however–right within you!

Yes, it’s true that beautiful places with expansive landscapes and sanctuaries of all kinds can aid us in finding God. Why? Because they spark our own sense of wonder and energize us with the thousands of prayers that have been lifted up there over millennia. It’s true that spiritual teachers can support us in opening our minds and hearts. And in the end, where is it we found God? Within ourselves of course! We may wish for a mystical place, we may wish for a guru who will share with us the secrets of the universe. And we shall have both–as we listen and receive the awareness of God’s Presence from right within ourselves! G.U.R.U. – Gee–You Are You!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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