Finding Meaning in Holy Week

This weekend, Sunday, March 24th, marks the beginning of what is known as “Holy Week”.  For those in the Christian faith, it is the time when Jesus returns to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), has the “Last Supper” with his disciples (Maundy Thursday), is arrested, crucified (Good Friday), and then resurrects (Easter Sunday/Easter Monday).

Most of us are quite familiar with the story whether we identify as Christian or not. It is a story that has fascinated people for well over 2,000 years. One in which from the beginning people wondered if the resurrection was true, and if so, what did it mean?  What many have discovered is that it wasn’t just about Jesus. Jesus knew what was to be his destiny, and he had a choice. He chose to go through this experience as a way of revealing the great Truth of our Divinity, of his own Divinity as he took that last lap on his own path of overcoming. Letting go of the last vestiges of his human ego and stepping into the fullness of his Divinity. Easter is a story about the overcoming power of God in our individual lives and a reminder that that power lives within us.

We all have our dark night of the soul and we all have the power to overcome and grow through it. As Eric Butterworth states, “Life is for living! And living is an experience in growth and unfoldment. It is not so important what happens around us or even to us. What counts is what happens in us….Maybe the important thing is not to solve problems but to be solved by them.” (Discover The Power Within You)

Easter is our resurrection moment. To realize something greater about ourselves and about life. We are the beloved expressions of the Infinite and have the power to roll away the stones that block our full expressions of It.

Let us affirm with Eric Butterworth, “I am in tune with the Infinite and I can do what needs to be done. Through the power that indwells me I can succeed, I can overcome, I can be what I want to be.”

Happy Resurrection,

Rev. Carol


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