Festival of Freedom

The Jewish Holiday, Passover, also know as Festival of Freedom, is from April 5th to April 13th this year. This Jewish holiday commemorates the Israelites exodus from Egypt and lead to freedom by Moses. It is a time where God is celebrated as the great liberator of humanity and the birth of a nation for the Jews.

Without Judaism, there would be no Christianity. It is the root from which Christianity grew. Jesus was Jewish and it is through his Jewish roots, and the rituals and traditions of Judaism that opened up the way for him to have a full experience of God within him. It was his own personal liberation, his freedom from limited beliefs that allowed him to live fully in his Divinity, his Christ self-realization.

In Unity we practice the season of Lent by releasing limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that have imprisoned us so that we may experience more fully our own Divinity, our own Christ self-realization. This awareness is a Festival of Freedom for each one of us as we come to know that God, that Divine Presence within each one of us, known by many names, is our great liberator! If we are willing to let go and follow the light within.

Chag Sameach! Have a happy holiday!

Love, Light & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol Moncada

Interim Minister


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