Express, Express, Express!

Spirituality is rather tricky–or at least paradoxical.  It tells us to give the qualities we want to receive rather than going out and trying to get them.  This makes no sense if we see life only at the material level.  After all, if you want a piece of pie, you’d better make a trip to the bakery or your kitchen.  But if you want to receive love or peace or joy–well there’s no bakery for those.  They live quite naturally within us as God’s original birthday gifts.  If we are going to experience love, peace, and joy, we’ve got to open the way for them.  It’s like watering the garden.  The hose is hooked up to the spigot, the point of outward flow for the water in underground pipes.  But until that spigot is opened, the water just stays blocked up.  How do we open the way for love, peace, and joy to flow?  Express, express, express–shower those qualities on yourself and everyone and everything you encounter.  The more you express them, the grander they grow.  And because you have shown yourself they are real and enduring, you allow yourself to receive the joy, love, and peace expressed by other people. You trust.  Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science put it this way, “Many people may be under the mistaken concept that the metaphysical philosophy is attractive to people because it says God is Good and everything is all right; therefore, there is nothing to fear. This is far from the truth. What it says is this: Do you wish to be loved? Then stop hating. Do you want to be happy? Then be sure that you are never the occasion for unhappiness in others.”  Express the light you are and you will find your world beautifully bright!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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