Emptying My Plate aka Let Go, Let God

Are you one that during a get together, whether for holidays or reunions, and all those once a year dishes are made that you load up on them? Even though you’re pretty sure there’s no way you can eat it all but just pile it on anyway because just maybe….?  Yes, sometimes me too.  Sometimes we do that with life itself. We overload our plates. What do you do when you know you’ve overloaded your plate?

It is not always easy to simply let go. Not only let go, but to trust and let God.  It is something I continue to have to practice.  And practice does make progress. I have become much better in asking for help, prioritizing, saying no and/or just letting something go.  I also take a look at why I have overloaded my plate – not in a self-negating kind of way, but in a curious, “oh that’s come up again” kind of way.  I have also found that when I do truly let go and let God, fears dissolve, illumination comes as does help through many different channels.

Emptying a plate full of food is easier than emptying the overloaded plates we sometimes create in and with our lives.  Yet, it can be done through the simple and consistent spiritual practice of prayer and meditation. A practice that creates the sacred space to let go, let God and know all is well.

Love, Light, & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol


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