Drawing Close to God

I have felt in a strange land and longing for familiar landmarks! When I feel such a hungering, I try to draw very close to God and rest in the assurance that all is well.

Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity Movement

In this time of change we are called to put our Christ power of love into full expression. As we let go of outworn ideas, we are simultaneously building out new understanding, new relationships, new ways of working and living. Developing our ability to see and communicate from our consciousness of love is vital. Our beloved Myrtle Fillmore vulnerably shared her way of loving herself in the midst of change. She drew very close to God and rested. Are you willing to give that a try?

I invite you to do an experiment with me. Hold your forearms out straight in front of you with the palms of your hands facing downwards. Now make a fist with both hands. Make your fists tighter and tighter still—as tight as you can. While your fists are tightening, scrunch up your face. Now notice what has happened to your connection to your surroundings. Are you aware of them or do you feel yourself cut off? It’s likely that you feel pretty much alone.

This experiment helps us to feel what happens when we tense up in fear. We experience life as lonely, overwhelming, and lacking. All of us human beings do this. Hello human! However, our willingness to learn day by day to turn to God and our inner spiritual life instead of to fear frees us up, puts us in awareness of the flow of love, the flow of life. Would you continue this experiment now? Get back into the tightened position. Now take a breath. In your heart’s eye see and feel the Loving Presence of God—in the way that is meaningful for you. Feel that love within you and around you and keep noticing your breath. Relax and open your hands, palms up. Open your face and look around. What do you notice now? It’s likely that now you feel at least somewhat more connected, free, loved and loving.

This simple experiment brings to mind the ability we have to shift into awareness of connection. This is how God created us and continues to create us in every moment—one with ourselves, one with God, one with all humanity and all of life. Be like Myrtle. When you find yourself in strange surroundings longing for comfort, open your mind, your heart, your fists, even just the tiniest bit. Let yourself draw close to God and relax in the knowing that all is well. You are worthy of nothing less.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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