Don’t Throw Rocks, Throw a Rope!

Thinking habitually about people, their actions, their human limitations, tends to bind one to personal consciousness. To do the great works that Jesus promised His followers would do, one must raise his consciousness to the place where he is able to see the perfect image and likeness of God in all people. One must not let himself be influenced by the likes and dislikes of the human nature. Christ is the real self of each individual. By seeing only the Christ in all people, we not only strengthen our own spiritual consciousness but help all whom we contact to realize and express their innate divinity.

Myrtle Fillmore, Co-founder of the Unity movement

Whoa – just a minute now Myrtle! Do you mean to say we shouldn’t read the news, post on FB and Twitter, or be concerned about people on the other side of the political spectrum? In my view that’s not exactly what our dear Myrtle was advising. She was a no-nonsense woman ahead of her time—nobody’s fool. What her words mean to me is don’t pitch your tent in the teeny tiny land of condemnation. Staying in such a place keeps you, well, in such a place. And who needs that.

I continue to discover something meaningful as I practice (note that I wrote practice!) seeing only the Christ in all people. When I see the human situation with a no-pretense clear, honest eye, then I am free to see more deeply. When I don’t contort myself into a psychological pretzel trying to justify actions that are clearly not constructive, I have the energy and wisdom to realize there is a human being in there striving to live. I remember one more time that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. And that when they know better they will do better. If I accept the facts of a situation instead of throwing rocks at it, it is guaranteed that I will have feelings—sadness, anger, or fear. That can be painful. That’s the hard part. Yet, it is the necessary price of maturing psychologically and spiritually. Taking responsibility for our feelings develops our ability to participate in life constructively. It equips us to throw a rope—a lifeline—instead of rocks.

We are living in a time of great intensity. In the coming months we are heading into important decisions in our beloved United States of America. As people dedicated to spiritual growth, what is ours to do? I invite you to take this question into prayer and seek the wisdom of your inner Christ. I know you will receive the response that blesses you and all in the greatest way. For my part, I am guided to hold the high watch, to practice seeing through God’s eyes, letting the news provide awareness of people and situations for me to hold in prayer. This spiritual discipline will challenge me I am sure. I want to grow, and I want our world to be a nobler place. I want to participate in bringing forth the world that we need, where we live the values of love, abundance, justice, well-being, and peace. Difficult though it is, I will practice seeing the Christ in everyone, including myself. In these months ahead, with the love of God upholding me, I make my commitment to let the rocks drop from my hands and instead throw a rope.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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