Don’t Quit Before Your Resurrection!

Resurrection is dangerous, or so it seems, for crucifixion always precedes it.  The Christ within us—our spiritual nature—insists that whatever restricts our true inner life just has to go!  That is crucifixion—letting go of no longer useful ideas and ways of acting.  While crucifixion frightens and upsets us, it never comes to really harm us, and it has no power to do so.  It never takes away anything of our true Self.  Release is the prerequisite for new opening out.  Life for all people, Divine Humans that we are, is one of continual clearing out and expansion.  Jesus demonstrated this with great elegance.  In this Holy Week we experience this essential spiritual process along with our beloved Elder Brother and Way-shower.  We walk from Holy Thursday’s affirmation of the power of community, through the searing despair of Good Friday, through the deep trust of Holy Saturday into the miracle of Sunday’s Resurrection.  Whatever you may be experiencing this Holy Week be assured that greater living, divinely suited just for you, is at hand.  Join us in community on Good Friday at 7 PM for our uplifting and deeply healing Tenebrae Candle Service, and on Sunday at 11 AM for our joyful Easter 12 Powers Celebration.  Most of all call on the power of God’s Presence in your life, for you are not alone!  And remember— don’t quit before your resurrection!

In the Love and Light of the Resurrection,

Rev. Anna


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