Creating With God Power – Making and Using a Divine Vision Board, Rev. Anna Shouse, Ph.D.

Creating With God-Power – Making and Using a Divine Vision Board

We make the Power of God operative in our lives and world when we take the time to align our consciousness–our spiritual vision, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and actions–with spiritual good.  All people and creation are One in Spirit, One in Love.  So what is for the highest spiritual good of ourselves is by definition the highest spiritual good for everyone.

Suggested Process to Bring the Power of God Into Expression in Your Life and World:

  • Set Your Spiritual Intention – “I live the name I heard and wrote on my White Stone; OR–I live my greatest expression of my Christ.”
  • Prayer and Meditation – “I take time in the Silence with God. I talk with God and I listen for God.  I receive God’s inspiration and guidance to create my Vision Board.”
  • I Make a Note – “I write down or otherwise note what I received from God.”
  • I Create My Vision Board – “Using pictures from media and/or drawings and/or words I make a colorful Vision Board.  I create it using the format I choose–for example: a large or small poster board; a piece of paper; a notebook; a computer document; etc.”
  • I View My Vision Board Daily – “Every day as part of my prayer time, I view my Board and give it over to God in prayer for fruition.”
  • I Take Action – “Daily I listen for God’s guidance and strength and I take action.”
  •  I Express Gratitude – “I give thanks in all things.  I bring to God anything that seems to not be working.  I ask for guidance and help.  I pray for a deeper awareness of myself and my Oneness with God.  I give thanks for my good!  I notice the transformation in me!”

In Light and Love,

Rev. Anna


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