Courageously Moving Forward

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the week before Easter. It is known as the celebration of Jesus’ “triumphant” entry into Jerusalem riding upon a donkey. Throngs of people meet him at the gates, waving palms, praising and celebrating him, their Messiah. Jesus knew that these same people would soon turn on him. He would not meet their expectations of what they believed a Messiah should be and do, free them from their oppression by the Romans and rule their own lands again.

For Jesus, as Eric Butterworth tells us, “ the entry into Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday was the supreme test of letting go because he was not seeking to protect a stand up living, but to perfect a standard for living…That the kingdom of God is within every person and no matter what the trial, there is a triumph within it. Not matter what the cross, there is a resurrection within it. In other words, there’s a cosmic counterpart for every experience in our lives. There’s an answer to every human problem. There’s a fulfillment to every activity in human expression.”

Jesus showed us that by courageously moving forward grounded in our Divine Identity, that with him, we too can rise triumphant from the tomb of despair to a life of victory.

Blessed Palm Sunday!
Rev. Carol


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