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Christmas is in You!

“The Christ principle lives today here in our midst; it always has been here and always will be here.  It is your highest ideal of yourself.  It will take part in every act of your life if you will only give it your thought.  Begin to think then of the Christ in you; let Christ be born in you.”  Charles Fillmore

Christmas is a journey of the soul from darkness to light, from despair to hope, from stress to peace, from alienation to love.  Jesus showed us the way.  That’s why we love him so much and find ourselves so deeply moved by the narrative of his birth.  But if we stop there by putting Jesus on a pedestal and making him the great exception, we have missed what he has to share with us.  His message is, “It’s about you!  Find the fire of Spirit within you and let it radiate through your life.”  We can do this.  We are not alone for God is within and with us.  The spiritual strength of faith invites us to adventure into the unknown to see what inner riches are waiting for us.  Peace shakes us up with the message that we must first become uncomfortable, giving up old ways of seeing and doing.  Then, living a new way, we discover serenity.  Love assures us we are secure for we are in spiritual relationship with God and all people.  We walk this Advent journey letting these three—faith, peace, and love bring us to the moment of birth.  We are ready.  We are strong enough, trusting enough, open enough now for profound joy!  Let your Christmas enthusiasm shine!  Dance, laugh, give, receive, sing, and be playful!  Enjoy Christmas for Christmas is in you!

In the Light and Joy of Christmas,

Rev. Anna


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