Butterflies, Bubbles and Dinosaurs

The day I had planned was interrupted by butterflies, bubbles and dinosaurs. That ever happen to you? I had plenty on my To-Do list that needed to be done. Sometimes though life happens and the plans we’ve made are temporarily put to the side.  This happens to all of us. The question is, how do you handle it?

I had a choice. Allow it to stress me and therefore not be fully present in the moment that was presented, or accept it knowing that all was in Divine Order.  Life won’t always be in perfect balance, part of our human experience. Fortunately, the Divine part of me gives me space, and grace, to courageously flow with the moment given me.

So today, I chose to chase butterflies, blow bubbles and journey with dinosaurs in a world seen through the eyes of small children. What a gift they give me to see it differently. To be awed, to be reminded of the beauty and mysteries of this world.

My wish for you is that you too will have a day that is interrupted by butterflies, bubbles and dinosaurs!

Blessed Adventuring,

Rev. Carol



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