How Successful Are You?

How successful are you? What does that question bring to mind? Do you begin to think about the numbers on your bank statement or your job title or the neighborhood you live in or what your children or grandchildren are doing? These things may be a list of some of…

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Created Creative

Once when I was worrying about where the next month’s rent was going to come from, it dawned on me that what was making me so miserable was my thought about the situation. I was future tripping, painting all sorts of gloomy scenarios. At that point, having had a good…

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Love Fully, Love Well

Love never ends I Corinthians 13:8 When we lose something we have cherished it can feel like our life has come to an end. It may feel like joy has just stopped flowing. Perhaps a person has moved out of our life, or a loved one has died. Perhaps we…

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