“Are You Ready?”

Are You Ready?

                I grew up in a small town.  There were many things I loved about it. Everybody was literally your neighbor. You could invite yourself to dinner at just about anyone’s house.  You could leave your doors unlocked—and nobody considered even rolling up the windows when parking the car.  Summer was a feast of sharings from the gardens.  That friendly feel was great–but I couldn’t wait to leave!  Maybe you can identify.  What is that?  Rightly or wrongly we feel that the nest is too tight, and we long to fly.  We see new possibilities in the distant horizon and off we go.  Life here we come!

After a time, if we are open, we come to realize that the restrictions aren’t really out there in our circumstances, but within, in the way we think, feel, and perceive ourselves.  The tightness isn’t in how life comes to us, but in how we come to life.  We stop rebelling against and trying to control outside people and situations and turn within to do the deep work of changing our own consciousness.  Living according to one’s spiritual nature is not easy.  Jesus mentioned that often!  He even advised people not to do it if they weren’t ready!  There comes a time for each of us however when we are ready.  We take the training wheels off our bikes and whiz down the road, wind in our hair, exhilarated by freedom and sheer joy.

Is this your moment?  Are you ready for a bigger life?  One that leads you into broader worlds, deeper expression, more powerful love?  It has always been yours in Truth.  Now make it yours in experience.  Open your mind, open your heart, put your hand in God’s and with courage walk forward one small step at a time into your life dreams.  Supported by God’s love and guided by God’s wisdom, both within you, you are responsible for co-creating the life you are meant to live.  Just do it!  With faith in yourself and in God, you can!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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