Angels Watching Over You

“Because you have made the Lord your refuge, the Most High your dwelling-place, no evil shall befall you, no scourge come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, so that you will not dash your foot against a stone.”

Psalm 91: 9-12

“From the Power of the Christ Within I Live My Soul Purpose and Create New Good in My Life, My Community, and the World”

Rev. Anna – Unity of Austin’s 90 Days of Affirmative Prayer

Have you met your guardian angel? Perhaps you have but didn’t recognize it. Angels are messengers from God. Whether they come in the form of ideas, people, or unseen protection, they are with us all the time. It’s said that angels are always standing in God’s Presence and at the same time always accompanying us. They must be pretty agile! The Psalm 91 scripture above says it so beautifully. As we work to bring our attention to God – make God our refuge, the dwelling place of our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions, we are protected from evil. That doesn’t mean that we won’t encounter difficulties and heartbreaks. It means that we won’t be destroyed by them. It means that we can choose where we turn for help. We can take refuge in God’s healing power. The more we cultivate our awareness of God’s Presence when our lives are comfortable, the more quickly we will turn to God when the going gets rough. And when we set our intention to live in God’s space, angels abound! For when we live in God’s space we hear the brush of angel wings – we recognize their companionship. God’s angels bring us love, protection, and messages. We can count on them.

As our Unity of Austin 90 Days of Prayer Pilgrimage comes to completion tomorrow on January 28, I can say that my awareness of angels has greatly expanded. The power generated through our decision to participate in this silent soul communion has brought about essential shifts in the consciousness of our church community. As one of our members put it, we are here to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope you won’t let that wording rattle you! He didn’t mean by it the traditional approach of pounding the idea of an external Jesus on a pedestal. He meant, and I concur, that we are here to live the good news that the Christ lives in us. That’s what Jesus’ good news is. That’s what he taught and what he continues to teach us from the spiritual realm. Your participation in this 90 Days of Prayer has wrought miracles of vibrancy, commitment to the spiritual Truth, and the guidance and energy to go forward. Unity of Austin and the people who co-create it with God are a blessing of expanding good to our community and world. We choose to dwell in the awareness of the Most High and to pay attention, noticing that our angels are watching over us all the time!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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