After Resurrection, Life!?

We have gone through the crucifixion, rested in our tombs and have been resurrected. Now what? I am reminded of the Zen Buddhist proverb “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water, and after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”  We have this moment of awareness, a shift in perspective, and often an expectation that all in our lives will change too. Yes, there may be many things that change and there are more that will not.

The true gift of resurrection is in our own consciousness. Seeing differently. Approaching something in our lives from a different understanding. Perhaps it’s compassion for that angry co-worker, patience for the crying child, kindness to the rude stranger, forgiveness for those that have hurt you.  We must still meet our obligations, do our laundry, clean our homes, and the many other ordinary tasks that go with our day to day living.

After Resurrection life is always there to be lived, and lived fully and abundantly.  Resurrection is dropping some of our fears and moving forward boldly, courageously into the life that we are meant to live.

Live well!

Rev. Carol


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