An Invitation to Peace

world-peace-doveEvery Christmas a wooden cut-out of a festive Willie Nelson, hand raised in the peace symbol, graces the lawn of a house I pass on my way home.  Although the scene is lit by an outer beam, it’s the figure’s inner light that catches my attention.  That jaunty countenance radiates the confidence that peace springs from the inside out.  We may lose touch with our peacefulness in the busyness of the season- get off balance, feel tugged by outer demands.  In that case, we get to remember this truth-we always have a choice.  We can step outside of the jangling and breathe into deep self-awareness.  We can ask God, “Who am I?  What does my soul need today?  What is mine to release?  What is mine to connect with?”  Self-awareness and self-care are two actions that broaden our connection with our spiritual life.  God is our Creator, our Divine Parent, our loving Source-God is a trustworthy Friend of the Self.  Christmas is Spirit’s invitation into a richer connection with our true identity-the beautiful expression of the Christ that we are.  Christmas calls us to experience the deep peace within.


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